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Dr Maria Garcia-Vega

Sir Clive Granger Building, School of Economics

University Park, University of Nottingham

Nottingham NG7 2RD, United Kingdom

Featured research

  1. "The role of public external knowledge for firm innovativeness" International Journal of Industrial Organization Volume 93, March, 103056 (2024) (with O. Vicente-Chirivella)

  2. R&D restructuring during the Great Recession and Young Firms”, International Journal of Industrial Organization Volume 81, March, 102819 (2022)

  3. Organization of R&D outsourcing: Asymmetric cross-effects between locations”, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (2021) Mar 10 (with E. Huergo).

  4. “Labor market reform and innovation: Evidence from Spain”, Research Policy 50(5), 104213 (2021) (with R. Kneller and J. Stiebale).

  5. Do university technology transfers increase firms’ innovation?”, European Economic Review 123 (2020): 103388 (with O. Vicente-Chirivella).

Associate Professor at the School of Economics

of the University of Nottingham

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