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Dr Maria Garcia-Vega

Sir Clive Granger Building, School of Economics

University Park, University of Nottingham

Nottingham NG7 2RD, United Kingdom

Featured research

  1. R&D restructuring during the Great Recession and Young Firms”, International Journal of Industrial Organization Volume 81, March, 102819 (2022)

  2. Organization of R&D outsourcing: Asymmetric cross-effects between locations”, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (2021) Mar 10 (with E. Huergo).

  3. “Labor market reform and innovation: Evidence from Spain”, Research Policy 50(5), 104213 (2021) (with R. Kneller and J. Stiebale).

  4. Do university technology transfers increase firms’ innovation?”, European Economic Review 123 (2020): 103388 (with O. Vicente-Chirivella).

Associate Professor at the School of Economics

of the University of Nottingham

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